News and Information

  • SICE JCMSI is planning to publish a Special Issue on SICE Annual Conference 2019 in May 2020. See Call for Papers for further details.
    ‚ÄčImportant Dates
    • Paper Submission Deadline: October 21, 2019 October 25, 2019
    • Paper Acceptance Notification: January 2020
    • Journal Publication: May 2020
    All back issues of SICE JCMSI are available online at J-STAGE (for free).

Aims and Scope

The SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration (SICE JCMSI) seeks original manuscripts for publication. This international journal is dedicated to publishing high quality, peer reviewed papers containing archival research results related to the fields from measurement and control to system analysis/design/integration, from theory to application, and from software to hardware. Newly developed interdisciplinary ideas and concepts transferable from one field to another are welcome. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Sensors and Transducers; Signal and/or Image Processing; Pattern Analysis; Identification and Estimation; Opto-Electronic Measurement; Remote Sensing; Mass and Force Measurement; Temperature Measurement; Ultra-High Precision Measurement; Analytical Measurement; Standard of Measurement; Networked Sensing Systems.

Linear Systems; Nonlinear Systems; Robust Control; Optimal Control; Model Predictive Control; Hybrid Systems; Networked Control Systems; Adaptive Control; Intelligent Control; Computational Methods; Modeling, System Identification and Estimation; Process Control; Mechanical Systems Control; Automotive Control; Guidance and Flight Control; Control Applications.

System and Information:
Systems Theory and Engineering; Biological and Physiological Engineering; Intelligent Systems; Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence; Autonomous Decentralized Systems; Discrete Event Systems; Man-Machine Systems; Mobiligence; Innovative computing.

System Integration:
Mechatronic Systems; Robotic and Automation Systems; Human Interfaces; Virtual Reality Systems; Entertainment Systems; Medical and Welfare Systems; Safety, Environment and Eco-Systems; Agricultural and Bio-Systems; Rescue Systems; Simulation of Large Systems; Network System Integration.

Industrial Applications:
Process Automation; Factory Automation; Laboratory Automation; Information Management Systems; SCADA and Network Systems; Manufacturing Systems; Transportation Systems; Micro and Nano Devices; Components and Devices; Flow Measurement and Control.

Life Engineering:
Biophysical Computing; Biomedical Informatics; Systems Biology; Electrophysiology; Kinesiology; Human Sensory and Motor System; Ubiquitous Healthcare; Life Support Technology.

Please check this web site for further information on submitting an article.