SICE2013 Annual Conference Award

Finalists of International Award

Xiaoyong ZHANG Tohoku University SuCT3.1 A Kernel-Based Method for Real-Time Markerless Tumor Tracking in Fluoroscopic Image Sequence
Hoang Hai NGUYEN Chulalongkorn University SuAT11.1 Design of Feedback Systems with Backlash for Inputs Restricted in Magnitude and Slope
Hiroshi ITO Kyushu Institute of Technology TuAT6.6 Robustifying Local Feedback for Dynamical Networks with respect to Disturbances

Finalists of Young Author's Award

Danilo Vasconcellos VARGAS Kyushu University MoBT2.1 Contingency Training
Satoshi TSUJI Fukuoka University SuAT12.3 A Tactile and Proximity Sensing Method for 3D Touch Screen Based on Capacitance Measurements
Mitsuhiro KAMEZAKI Waseda University SuAT13.4 An Object Grasp Motion Model using Control Signal and Cylinder Pressure in Demolition Machines for Disaster Response Work
Keisuke HASEGAWA The University of Tokyo SuAT10.5 A Method for Distribution Control of Aerial Ultrasound Radiation Pressure for Remote Vibrotactile Display
Toshihiro SATO The University of Aizu TuAT12.1 Simulation Study of a P300 Speller for Single-lead Hybrid BCI