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Calendar (FY2003)

8/4(Mon)-8/6(Wed) 42nd SICE Annual Conference (SICE2003)
10/27(Mon)-11/1(Sat) IROS2003  Las Vegas, USA SICE (SI-div) joint-sponsorship
11/2(Sun)-11/6(Thu) IECON2003 SICE (SI-div) joint-sponsorship
12/19(Fri)-12/21(Sun) SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2003)

Calendar (FY2002)

1/17 (Thu) RescueRobot Symposium 2002 in Kobe International Conference Center Kobe, Japan Rescue TC  joint-sponsorship
1/18 (Fri) Rescue Robot Symposium 2002 in National Musium of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo, Japan Rescue TC  joint-sponsorship
6/17(Mon) - 6/25(Tus) RoboCupRescue Robot League Fukuoka, Japan SICE (SI-div) joint-sponsorship
6/25(Tus) - 6/27(Thu)  DARS2002 Fukuoka, Japan SICE (SI-div)  joint-sponsorship
8/5(Mon) - 8/7(Wed) 41st SICE Annual Conference (SICE2002) Osaka, Japan
9/30(Mon) - 10/5(Sat) IROS2002 EPFL, Switzerland SICE (SI-div) joint-sponsorship
11/5(Tus) - 11/8(Fri) IECON2002 Sevilla, Spain SICE (SI-div) joint-sponsorship
12/19(Thu) - 12/21(Sat) SICE System Integration Division Annual Conference (SI2002) Kobe, Japan

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