Technical Lectures for Local Companies
August 5 (TUE), 16:00-17:30, Academy Hall

TITLE: Visual Inspection Technology on Production Line

PRESENTER: Prof. Seiji Hata

AFFILIATION: Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University, Japan

1971.6 Graduated from Univ. of Tokyo, Fac. of Engineering
1971.7 HITACHI Ltd. Production Engineering Research Laboratory
1991.1 Kagawa Univ., Fac. of Education, Associate Professor
1992.4 Kagawa Univ., Fac. of Education, Professor
1997.10 Kagawa Univ., Fac. of Engineering, Professor
2002.4 Kagawa Univ., Director of Center for Cooperate Research and Development

ABSTRACT: Visual inspection systems have been widely introduced into many kinds of production lines to keep the high quality of their products and to gain the high productivity of the lines. In the lecture, a brief overview of the current visual inspections is presented. Detailed discussios will be made in the following fields.
1) Current technologies for Pattern Inspection Systems
2) Current trends for industrial 3-D shape extractions
After the lecture, consultation for industries will be held.

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