Guidelines for Organized Session

Proposal for Organized Sessions

The program committee of SICE'2003 is looking for proposals for organize sessions. The goal of the organized session is to provide focused discussion on a new topic, or innovative applications of a new approach. Each organized session will have 5 paper presentations with 20 minutes for each. Review or tutorial lecture with 40 minutes could also be included in the organized sessions. An organizer can propose multiple organized sessions or larger single session, which should be composed in multiples of 5 paper presentations as far as possible.

The role of a session organizer is as follows:

(1) to contact potential authors among specialists in the field and to ask them to submit a paper to the conference;

(2) to be one of the reviewers for the paper;

(3) according to the reviews, to decide the final contents of the session, in agreement with the program committee;

(4) to chair the session during the conference;

(5) to present a short tutorial at the beginning of the session for the topic to non-specialists if possible.

The following must be taken into account:

(1) Soliciting contributors for an organized session does NOT mean that their contributions are automatically accepted. Solicited contributions are submitted to a regular review process and will be evaluated based on the significance, relevance to the conference.

(2) Presentation for the organized session should be given in English in principle.

(3) It is desired to include international contributors.


(1) February 1, 2003: submission of proposal for organized sessions.

(2) February 26, 2003: submission of extended abstract of contributions to organized sessions as a regular review process.

(3) April 16, 2003: Notification of acceptance of the organized session as well as contributions.

Submission Guidelines:

Proposals of organized sessions must contain (a) Title of the session, (b) A brief description on the session up to 200 words, (c) Your affiliation, address, phone and fax number, e-mail address, (d) A list of each author with the paper title.

Send organized session proposals via e-mail to the Conference Secretariat:

Associate Professor Kosuke Sekiyama

Department of Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems, Fukui University

3-9-1 Bunkyo, Fukui 910-8507, Japan

Tel&Fax: +81-776-27-8037

E-mail :

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