Plenary Tutorial Lecture (SICE Week, in Japanese)
August 3 (SUN), 3:00PM-4:00PM, Research Building I, 13F, Conference Room

TITLE: From machine to equipment

PRESENTER: Prof. Kazuo Kawasaki

AFFILIATION: Nagoya City University Graduated School of Design and Architecture, Japan
Handai Frontier Research Center at Osaka University, Japan

BIOGRAPHY: He specializes in product design development by utilizing 3D-CAD/CAM and media integration, especially, practice of form design strategy from medical science and topological space theory.
He serves as the chairman of Good Design Award jury and selector of Mainichi Design Award. He prized most foreign and domestic design awards. There are a lot of permanent corrections and eternity exhibitions at foreign major museums.

ABSTRACT: The machinery age ended. Almost of all designers do not aware it is the equipment age and difference between "machine" and "equipment". I would like to propose and show that the equipment means and what design aims to be meant as a design technique theory based on interface, affordance and topology.

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