SICE Annual Conference 2004

Guidelines for Organized Session

Proposal for Organized Sessions

The program committee of SICE 2004 solicits proposals for organized sessions. The goal of organized sessions is to provide focused discussions of new topics or innovative applications. Each organized session should normally consist of 5 paper presentations with 20 minutes for each (i.e., 100 minutes for 1 session). A session with 6 paper presentations (120 minutes) may be possible, but this is considered exceptional. A survey or tutorial lecture could also be included in an organized session. Such a survey presentation can occupy the double time slots of 40 minutes. An organizer can propose multiple organized sessions or a larger single session, which should be composed of multiples of 5 presentations as far as possible.

The role of a session organizer:

(1) organize a session with a clear scope and perspective;

(2) ask each author of the session to submit the paper in the same way as regular papers, and be one of the reviewers for the paper.

(3) in accord with the reviews, decide the final contents of the session, in agreement with the program committee;

(4) chair the session;

(5) if possible, present a short tutorial in the beginning of the session.

The following must be taken into account:

(1) Soliciting contributors for an organized session does NOT mean that their contributions are automatically accepted. Each contribution is subject to a regular review process and will be evaluated based on the significance, relevance to the conference.

(2) All the presentations for the organized session should be given in English.

(3) It is desired to include international contributors.

(4) There will be a subsidy for an international session (i.e., one with 2 or more of overseas speakers) of amount up to 100,000 JPY. This support will be granted to the session organizer.

(5) The conference program committee reserves the right to include a paper from contributed category in an organized session, where the committee judges it to be appropriate.


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