JSPS International meeting series
Sponsored by The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE)
Technically cosponsored by IEEE/IES, IEEE/RAS, IEEE/CSS, IEEE/SMC, The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA)
In cooperation with IEEE Japan Council, The Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers, Chinese Automatic Control Society, China Instrument Society, IFAC Japan Council, International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO)

The SICE Annual Conference (SICE 2005 Okayama), an international conference on instrumentation, control and information technology, will be held at Okayama University, Okayama, Japan on August 8-10, 2005. Okayama city is at a crossroads in the western part of Japan, 1 hour by super express train from Osaka or Hiroshima. In recent SICE Annual Conferences, more than 1000 researchers have participated. The conference covers a wide range of fields from measurement and control to system analysis and design, from theory to application and from software to hardware. Newly developed interdisciplinary ideas and concepts transferable from one field to another are especially welcome.

The scope of the conference will cover but is not limited to:
Sensors and Transducers
Signal and/or Image Processing
Identification and Estimation
Opto-Electronic Measurement
Remote Sensing
Mass and Force Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Ultra-High Precision Measurement
Analytical Measurement
Standard of Measurement
Flow Measurement and Control

Multivariable Control
Nonlinear Control
Robust Control
Adaptive and Optimal Control
Intelligent Control
Computer Aided Design
Modeling, System Identification and Estimation
Process Control
Mechanical Systems Control
Guidance and Flight Control
Power Systems Control

System Theory and Engineering
Human-Machine Systems
Biological and Physiological Engineering
Intelligent Systems
Neural Networks
Autonomous Decentralized Systems
Discrete Event Systems

Mechatronics Systems
Robotic and Automation Systems
Virtual Reality Systems
Entertainment Systems
Micro and Nano Systems
Medical and Welfare Systems
Safety, Environmental, and Eco-Systems
Agricultural and Bio-Systems
Rescue Systems
Simulation of Large Systems
Network System Integration

Process Automation
Factory Automation
Laboratory Automation
Information Management Systems
Information Technology Applications
SCADA and Network Systems
Manufacturing Systems
Transportation Systems
Components and Devices

Emergent Technologies

Authors should submit an extended abstract of 800-1000 words in English, including paper title, author names, addresses, affiliations, name of the presenter, postal mail and E-mail addresses of the corresponding author and telephone/facsimile numbers. The extended abstract should clearly describe the salient concepts and novel features of their work, including purpose and results, for a meaningful review by the Technical Program Committee. Submitting instructions will be posted on the SICE 2005 website.

Important Dates :
Deadline for Proposal of Organized Session................February 1, 2005
Deadline for Submission of Extended Abstract..........February 28, 2005
Notification of Acceptance..............................................April 18, 2005
Deadline for Submission of Final Manuscript....................May 23, 2005

All accepted papers and posters must be written in English. For oral sessions, presentations must be in English. Papers should be prepared according to the guidelines on the SICE 2005 website. All conference participants, including authors and session chairpersons, are expected to register for the conference and pay their own travel expenses. Annual Conference Award: For outstanding papers presented at the conference, International Award and Young Author's Award will be granted. For selected young foreign researchers who have shown a potential to contribute to the field of Instrument and Control Engineering, SICE International Scholarships will be granted for the purpose of defraying some of the cost of travel to Japan to present their papers.

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