• Measurement
  •   ¥Neural Networks
      ¥Sensors and Transducers   ¥Autonomous Decentralized Systems
      ¥Signal and/or Image Processing   ¥Discrete Event Systems
      ¥Identification and Estimation
  • System Integration
  •   ¥Opto-Electronic Measurement   ¥Mechatronics Systems
      ¥Remote Sensing   ¥Robotic and Automation Systems
      ¥Mass and Force Measurement   ¥Human Interfaces
      ¥Temperature Measurement   ¥Virtual Reality Systems
      ¥Ultra-High Precision Measurement   ¥Entertainment Systems
      ¥Analytical Measurement   ¥Medical and Welfare Systems
      ¥Standard of Measurement   ¥Safety, Environment and Eco-Systems
      ¥Flow Measurement and Control   ¥Agricultural and Bio-Systems
      ¥Networked Sensor System   ¥Rescue Systems
  • Control
  •   ¥Simulation of Large Systems
      ¥Multivariable Control   ¥Network System Integration
      ¥Nonlinear Control
  • Industrial Applications
  •   ¥Robust Control   ¥Process Automation
      ¥Adaptive and Optimal Control   ¥Factory Automation
      ¥Intelligent Control   ¥Laboratory Automation
      ¥Computer Aided Design   ¥Information Management Systems
      ¥Modeling, System Identification and Estimation   ¥SCADA and Network Systems
      ¥Process Control   ¥Manufacturing Systems
      ¥Mechanical Systems Control   ¥Transportation Systems
      ¥Guidance and Flight Control   ¥Micro and Nano Devices
      ¥Power Systems Control   ¥Components and Devices
  • System and Information
  • Advanced Integration
  •   ¥Systems Theory and Engineering   ¥Emergent Technologies
      ¥Biological and Physiological Engineering   ¥Fuzzy Systems
      ¥Intelligent Systems   ¥Educational Systems/E-Learning
  • Others