Registration Fee

Registration page will be available at [April 1, 2008] [April 21, 2008].
Registration fee of SICE 2008 is as follows.
Please note registration fee does NOT include the banquet fee.
The additional fee is required to participate in the banquet.
Please note we can NOT refund your registaration fee in case of your cancellation in principle.

  • Advanced Registration [April 1 April 21 - July 18 (JST)][FINISHED]
    Society Members* 23,000 JPY
    Non-Society Members 28,000 JPY
    Student Society Members 7,000 JPY
    Student Non-Society Members 14,000 JPY

    You can use ONLINE SUBMSSION SYSTEM only for Advanced Registration.

  • On-site Registration [July 19 - (JST)][Cash Only]
    Society Members* 25,000 JPY
    Non-Society Members 30,000 JPY
    Student Society Members 8,000 JPY
    Student Non-Society Members 15,000 JPY
      On-site Registration will be open as follows;
      • August 19, 9:00(AM), at Communication Park Library 1F
      • August 20, 8:00(AM), at Communication Park Library 1F
    * The society includes SICE, IEEE, The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA), Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems(ICROS), China Instrument and Control Society (CIS), The Chinese Association of Automation (CAA), Chinese Automatic Control Society (CACS), International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO), IEEE Japan Council, IFAC NMO|Japan
      A person whose affiliation is a "Supporting Member of SICE" is also considered as the member.

    Advanced Registration is finished. Please use On-site Registration.

    Registration Requirements for Authors of Accepted Papers

    Advance registration is required in order to upload the final paper. For each paper, at least one author should be registered in advance.
    In accordance to the SICE 2008 policy published at the time of submissions:
    • A single registration (of any type) allows an author to upload up to TWO own final paper.
    • An author with more than two accepted papers must pay an additional charge of 10,000 JPY per extra paper.
    • The standard paper page limit for SICE2008 is 6 pages per paper. Final submitted papers that exceed the 6 pages limit will incur an over-length page charge rate of 10,000 JPY per page. The maximum page limit per paper is 8 pages.
    • At least one author has to finish the registration before uploading the final manuscript. If none of the authors register nor submit the paper to the conference before the deadline, the paper is deemed to have considered withdrawn and will not appear in the proceedings or the program of SICE2008.
    • In addition, the presenter must register before presentation.
    How to Registration

    1. Carefully read all the information on this page before continuing with your registration.
    2. Registration fees are in JPY and can be paid by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or bank transfer.
    3. If you'd like to pay the registration fee by credit card, you need your credit card data.
    4. If you'd like to pay by bank, please transfer your registration fee within a week after your registration.
    5. After registration, the confirmation E-mail with Applicant ID and password will be sent to your E-mail address immediately.@Please check your personal data.
    6. If you can't receive your confirmation E-mail. Please contact to Keio Travel Agency, by E-mail. We will check the data immediately. Our E-mail address is
    How to cancel, or change the data you've already input

    1. If you'd like to cancel the registration, please enter this web-site This web-site address is written in your confirmation E-mail.
    2. When you cancel your registration, you need your Applicant ID and password.
      • Applicant ID is written in your confirmation E-mail.
      • Password is 6 to 10 alphanumeric characters you've decided.
    3. If you'd like to change the data, please enter the same web-site When you change the data, once cancel the data you input already, then please input the new data.
    4. We can refund your registration fee only in case the Organizing Committee accepts your cancellation. After July 18th, we can't refund your registration fee.
    5. If you have some question on this registration, please ask to the Keio Travel Agency Staff. Our E-mail Address is