Instructions for Presenter and Session Chairs

Instruction for Oral Presentations

  1. 1. The duration of a presentation slot is 15 minutes. This includes the time for the presentation itself and for discussions with the audience.
  2. 2. Every session room will have an LCD projector. SICE 2010 will not provide laptops for presentation, i.e., YOU NEED YOUR LAPTOP FOR YOUR PRESENTATION. The connector from the LCD projector to your laptop is limited to a D-sub 15 pin male connection. The power supply for electricity in Taipei is 110V/60Hz.
  3. 3. It is highly recommended to show up in your session room 10 minutes before the session starts. You should test the connection of your laptop with the LCD projector.

Instruction for Poster Presentations

  1. 0. The general idea of poster presentations can be found in, e.g.,
  2. 1. The interactive sessions will be held at the east corridor of the VIP Floor (VF: one stair up from the lobby).
  3. 2. You need your printed poster. SICE 2010 WILL NOT PROVIDE ON-SITE PRINTING SERVICE. A bulletin board (approximately 2000mm tall by 1000mm wide in size) will be provided for each poster.
  4. 3. Your poster must be setup before your session starts. Poster mounting items (pins) will be provided by SICE 2010. No-show presentations will be checked by SICE 2010 during the session.
  5. 4. Your poster should be removed after your session. Posters not removed by 14:30 of the day will be discarded by SICE 2010.

Instruction for Session Chairs

  1. 0. Please check which session(s) you will be a chair by the final program on the website. In case you have not done pre-registration to SICE 2010, please complete on-site registration at least 30 minutes before your session. At the on-site registration, please notice that which session you will be a chair.
  2. 1. You will receive a few documents for charing your session at Registration Desk. In particular you will have a list of presentation records to be filled for your session.
    (IMPORTANT) Some of the documents including the list of presentation records are supposed to be FULFILLED AND RETURNED BY YOU to the registration desk after the session.
  3. 2. Please appear at the session room at least 5 minutes before the session starts. Please confirm that all the presenters are in the session room.
  4. 3. The duration of each talk is 15 minutes including discussions (about 12 minutes talk and a few minues discussions would be standard). Please indicate the elapsed time to the speaker appropriately and be punctual to the session schedule.
  5. 4. In case of no-show, do not move to the next presentation. The session should be synchronized with all the presentations at other sessions.

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