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No show policy

No-show papers are defined as papers submitted by authors who subsequently did not present the paper in-person at this conference. Presentations by proxies are not allowed, unless explicitly approved before the conference by the program committee. No-shows will not be available on IEEE Xplore or other public access IEEE forums. No refund of the paid fees can be claimed by the no-show author.

Instruction for Oral Presentations

- The duration of a presentation slot is 15 minutes. Please notice that, in general, this includes 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussions with the audience.

- Every session room will have an LCD projector and an electrical outlet (100V 50Hz, Type A). SICE 2017 will not provide laptops for presentation, i.e., YOU NEED YOUR LAPTOP FOR YOUR PRESENTATION. The connector from the LCD projector to your laptop is limited to a D-sub 15 pin male connection.

- No laser pointers are prepared in the rooms.

- It is highly recommended to show up in your session room 10 minutes before the session starts. You should test the connection of your laptop with the LCD projector.

Instruction for Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation Schedule

Date: 9/21(Thu) 13:30-15:00
13:30-14:15 ThBPo-0*.odd(e.g. ThBPo-01.1, ...)
14:15-15:00 ThBPo-0*.even(e.g. ThBPo-01.2, ...)

Guideline of Presentation

- Your paper should fit within the following dimensions

- Push pins or Velcro will be provided to attach your posters to the boards.
- Please use any equipment for demonstration such as computers and robots at your own risk.
- Please avoid using any equipment that might cause problems such as noise and hazard.

Presentation Time

-The duration of the poster session is 45+45 minutes.
During the session time, speakers are requested to make a presentation.
-All speakers are requested to put up posters before 13:15 on 21st September.

Instruction for Session Chairs

- If you have not completed pre-registration for SICE 2017, please complete on-site registration at least 30 minutes before your session. You will receive a few documents regarding the chairing your session at the Registration Desk. In particular, you will be provided with a Session Report Form to be completed for your session.

- (IMPORTANT) The Session Report Form should be COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE ROOM STAFF after the session.
* Put your signature on the form.
* Check the box if presenter does not appear.

- Please arrive at your session room at least 5 minutes before the session starts. Please confirm that all the presenters are in the session room.

- The duration of each talk is 15 minutes including discussion (about 12 minutes for the talk and a few minutes of discussion would be standard). Please indicate the elapsed time to speakers appropriately and keep to the session schedule.

- There will be a timekeeper signaling bell provided for each session room. Chairs shall time and ring the bell three times during the presentation:
* First bell rings at after 10 minutes,
* Second bell rings after 12 minutes, signaling the end of the talk.
* Third bell rings at after 15 minutes, signaling the end of discussion.

- In the case of a no-show, do not move to the next presentation. The session should be synchronized with all the presentations in the other session rooms.