Proposal of Organized Sessions, Workshop and Tutorials

Already Closed!!

Organized Session Topics

OS01: Navigation, Guidance, and Control in Aerospace Systems
OS02: Computational Intelligence and its Applications
OS04: Evaluation of Unintentional EM Emissions from Electronic Devices
OS05: Sustainable and Cooperative Data Exchange in Industrial Control Systems and Networks
OS06: Recent Progress in Mechanical Metrology
OS07: Integrative Informatics for Medicine and Biology
OS08: Sensing, Control and Safety System for Intelligent Vehicle
OS09: The Interaction between Human and Machines
OS10: Nonlinear Dynamics
OS11: Towards Autonomous Learning Machines
OS12: Maintaining Quality of Life for Elderly People after the Large Disaster
OS13: Digital Image Processing and its Applications
OS14: Features for Vision and Action Detection, Recognition, Tracking & Applications
OS15: Biomimetic Approach in Robotics and Machines
OS16: Measurement and Control in SICE Tohoku Chapter
OS17: Brain Function in Cognition and Evaluation
OS18: Measurement and Control Engineer to Contribute to Social
OS19: International Standardization for Realizing Intensive Information Oriented,
Safe and Secure "Low-Carbon + Smart Society"
OS20: Optimization and Learning Techniques for Systems Engineering
OS21: Three Dimensional Acquisition and/or Recognition
OS22: Advanced Pattern Measurement
OS23: Ultrasonic Measurements
OS24: Intelligent Robotic Systems
OS25: Human Support based on Human Monitoring and Analysis
OS26: Inverse Problems in Measurements
OS27: Recent Progress of Adaptation and Learning Approaches to Systems and Control
OS28: New Frontiers of Adaptation and Learning Approaches to Systems and Control
OS29: Human Assistive Technologies
OS30: Recent Advances in Temperature Measurement

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