How to final paper submission

One of authors is required to have completed the Advance Conference Registration in order for the submitted paper to be included in CD-ROM Proceedings. Papers submitted without the Advance Conference Registration will not be included CD-ROM Proceedings and will automatically be deleted from the final program.

(1) Prepare paper ID and password that are sent by a e-mail of the extended abstract acceptance.

(2) Final Camera Ready Paper must be submitted by a PDF file. Please take care not to include fonts for 2 byte characters such as Japanese. A PDF file that includes 2 byte character is automatically detected by the submission web program and is not accepted by the web.

(3) The maximum number of pages allowed is up to 8 pages. The extra paper charge, 10,000 Japanese Yen/page, must be paid for the pages that excess six pages. The size of PDF file to be sent electronically should not exceed one megabyte (1 MB), regardless of the number of pages. A PDF file that excess the limit is not accepted by the submission web.

(4) Please refer Instructions to Final Camera Ready Papers to prepare the final paper. The LaTeX Style file and MS-Word sample files are available.

(5) Apart from the final manuscript in PDF form, authors must prepare a title and an abstract for Abstract Proceedings in plain text form. The abstract must be within 60 words. TeX like description can be used by enclosing the description by "&& ... &&". An abstract that excess 60 words is not accepted by the submission web

(6) If the submission of the final paper can not be succeeded on the Conference web site, the PDF manuscript may be sent to the SICE office by electronical mail. The regular mail is not available.

(7) The copyright of the final paper included in the CD-ROM Proceedings should be belong to the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) of Japan. Please complete theCopyright Transfer Form and send to the SICE office.

(8) Final Paper Submission Form will start from May 10, 2004. (Start day has changed from May 7 to May 10)

(9) Deadline for submission of final paper is 17:00, May 28, 18:00 JST, 2004(extended from May.21). Please keep the deadline since there is no time to spare before the publication of CD-ROM.

Final Paper Submission Form
(will be available on May 7)

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