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[Guidelines for Presentation in IFAC-AAC 2013 Symposium]

1. Language
The official language for oral presentation is English.

2. Presentation time
Presentation time is 15 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussions.
* For the organized sessions, please follow the chairperson's instructions.
*Please do not exceed this time as this would result in you using time allocated to other speakers.

3. Presentation Equipment
A personal computer projector with a min D-sub 15 pin display cable is prepared in each session room. Please bring your own laptop PC for presentation. Before the presentation, please make sure that your computer is compatible with the projector equipment.

4. Briefing before technical session
Please arrive at your session room 10 minutes before the session starts. The chairpersons of your session will confirm the attendance and have a meeting before the session. To avoid technical problems, please have your computer checked for the projector connection before the technical session starts.

5. Others
We recommend you wear business casual dress. The temperature setting of the air-conditioning in the conference venue is 28 oC for energy saving reasons.

[Contributed Paper (Regular) and Industrial Paper]

Prospective authors are requested to submit their draft paper as a
pdf file in IFAC two column format through The IFAC Paperplaza
Conference Manuscript Management System no later than November 16,2012.
This deadline is firm and the reviewing process will be started

Authors can select the type of submission from two categories : Contributed paper and Industrial paper.
The required length of the contributed papers is 6 pages.
The contributed paper should describe the objectives of the study, the problem definition, the methodology, the computational results and/or experimental results obtained.

Moreover, prospective authors are also encouraged to submit their contributions in the category of Industrial paper.
An industrial paper should not exceed 2 pages.
The template of industrial papers is as same as contributed papers.
Especially, contributions from industries are welcomed in this category.

Submission of the papers will be accepted via the website of the IFAC
Paperplaza Conference Manuscript Management System.

A LaTeX style file and a Microsoft Word template are available here.

Microsoft Word Template
Latex Style Template

[Invited Session Proposal]

The organized sessions on the specific research topics are also
welcomed and can be proposed by applying via the IFAC Paperplaza
Conference Manuscript Management System.
The deadline of the invited session proposal is November 16, 2012.
Please contact us if you would like to propose an organized session.