Access to the Venue

The symposium will be held at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.

· It is about 7-minute walk from Sangubashi Station on Odakyu Line (about 3 minutes from Shinjuku station).
· It is about 10-minute walk from Yoyogi Koen Station on Subway Chiyoda Line.

Transportation guide


Enlarge map for details

The symposium will be held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, which is located near Yoyogi Park, the green area of metropolitan Tokyo.


- By Metro Chiyoda line: Exit at Yoyogi Koen Station from Exit 4, head right and walk along the street for about 10 minutes. Yoyogi Koen should be on your right hand side.
- By Odakyu line: Exit at Sangubashi Station, head left and take a left to go across the railroad and a pedestrian bridge. Go down the street with the park area on your left hand side. Allow about a 7 minute walk. To get to Sangubashi, take an Odakyu local train at Shinjuku Station. Get off at the second stop.

Note: Public transportations in Tokyo can be very much crowded during commuting hours. The Shinjuku station, in particular, is the busiest hub in Tokyo with many train services crossing. Leave early in the morning so that you’ll be in time for the plenary sessions.