Fukuoka International Congress Center


ICROS-SICE International Joint Conference 2009

August 18(Tue.)-21(Fri.), 2009 in

Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, JAPAN

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Letters of Invitation for Visa Process

Process for issuing Letters of Invitation for application of Visa is different for authors and for participants.


In principle, foreigners wishing to enter Japan (with the exception of nationals of these countries) are required to apply at an overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment (embassy or consulate) for a visa to be stamped in or attached to their passport valid for travel to Japan.

A) For authors

Authors should satisfy all the following conditions from 1) to 5).

  1. have submitted their final manuscripts
  2. have registered for the conference and paid the registration fees
  3. have booked their accommodations
  4. have filled out the "Visa Information Form" (print the indicated file)
  5. have sent the form to the ICCAS-SICE2009 Secretariat (the mail address is given on the form)
After the confirmation that the author has met the above conditions 1-5, the president of SICE will issue the Letter of Invitation to the author.

B) For participants

Participants other than authors should satisfy all the above conditions from 2) to 5).

After the confirmation that the participant has met the above conditions 2-5, the general chair of ICCAS-SICE2009 will issue the Letter of Invitation to the participant.

(VISA) iccas-sice2009_visa@sice.or.jp

Please allow ample time for processing requests. The SICE is not able to contact any embassy in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend the ICCAS-SICE2009 Conference. Because the application for a visa can be a lengthy process, we recommend that you start your visa application process as soon as possible.

For more information on Japanese Visas, please read General information for visiting Japan. (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)