Special Event SICE TOHOKU Chapter

Exhibition: Robots, Measurement and Control Systems in SICE Tohoku Chapter

Place: Akita Community Center ALVE, 2nd floor (adjacent to JR Akita Station)
[ Map (ALVE) ]

Date: August 18 - 19, 2012, 10:00-16:00
(Actual demonstration time of each exhibited item may be changed
due to certain reasons)

Web: (in Japanese)

As an Annual Conference held in Tohoku area, we organize a satellite exhibition of measurement / control systems and robots developed by research groups in SICE Tohoku Chapter. The exhibition is held at the site of SICE Week to reach out to citizens. Some of the exhibited systems are also presented in an organized session “Measurement and Control in SICE Tohoku Chapter” (TuA11, August 21, 10:30-12:00).

    Exhibited Systems (principal demonstrator, affiliation):

  • Real-Time 3D Measurement and Reconstruction
    (Koichi Ito, Aoki Laboratory, Tohoku University)
  • Human-Robot Interaction on a Digital Desk
    (Yasushi Iwatani, Iwatani Laboratory, Hirosaki University)
  • Four-Legged Robot
    (Dai Owaki, Ishiguro Laboratory, Tohoku University)
  • Visual Tracking of People with Help of Accelerometers
    (Shingo Kagami, Hashimoto Laboratory, Tohoku University)
  • Haptic Interface for Handheld Devices
    (Masashi Konyo, Human-Robot Informatics Laboratory, GSIS, Tohoku University)
  • Signal Measurement and Security Analysis of Cryptographic LSI
    (Naofumi Homma, Aoki Laboratory, Tohoku University)
  • Cycling Wheelchair
    (Makoto Yoshizawa, Yoshizawa Laboratory, Tohoku University)

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