Topics of the conference

The conference will be focused on, but not limited to, the following topics:


Sensors and Transducers
Signal and/or Image Processing
Identification and Estimation
Opto-Electronic Measurement
Remote Sensing
Mass and Force Measurement
Temperature Measurement
Ultra-High Precision Measurement
Analytical Measurement
Standard of Measurement
Flow Measurement and Control
Networked Sensor System


Multivariable Control
Nonlinear Control
Robust Control
Adaptive and Optimal Control
Intelligent Control
Computer Aided Design
Modeling, System Identification and Estimation
Process Control
Mechanical Systems Control
Guidance and Flight Control
Power Systems Control

System and Information

Systems Theory and Engineering
Biological and Physiological Engineering
Intelligent Systems
Neural Networks
Autonomous Decentralized Systems
Discrete Event Systems

System Integration

Mechatronics Systems
Robotic and Automation Systems
Human Interfaces
Virtual Reality Systems
Entertainment Systems
Medical and Welfare Systems
Safety, Environment and Eco-Systems
Agricultural and Bio-Systems
Rescue Systems
Simulation of Large Systems
Network System Integration

Industrial Applications

Process Automation
Factory Automation
Laboratory Automation
Information Management Systems
SCADA and Network Systems
Manufacturing Systems
Transportation Systems
Micro and Nano Devices
Components and Devices

Advanced Integration

Emergent Technologies
Fuzzy Systems
Educational Systems/E-Learning

Life Engineering

Integrative Biophysical Engineering and Informatics
Electrophysiology and Kinesiology
Ubiquitous Healthcare


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