Final Paper Submission Procedure

Thank you very much for your contributions to SICE 2011. The final version of your manuscripts must be submitted by taking the following steps:

  1. 1. Registration via Camera-ready Submission
  2. 2. Preparation of IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF files of final manuscripts
  3. 3. Preparation of copyright transfer forms
  4. 4. Final paper submission through the submission site

Please remark that you have to register to SICE 2011 as an author:

  • A full registration enables you to complete 2 final submissions.
  • A student registration enables you to complete 1 final submissions.

If you have completed the registration as an author and you are sure that your registration entitles you to upload your final manuscript, please continue the final submission process from the following link. Otherwise please start again from Registration.

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