SICE2011 Special Poster Session
Introduction of Activities in the SICE Technical Divisions

  • 9/16, 13:00-14:30
    Venue: 63-Gallery
    SICE2011 Special Poster Session
    Introduction of Activities in the SICE Technical Divisions
    Organizer: Committee for Organization of Technical Committees and Study Groups


There are currently 5 technical divisions in the SICE, those are composed of a total of about 70 technical committees and research committees. Each of technical divisions, technical committees and research committees has its own mission and field of interest, and there various research activities are performed by many motivated participants. Some technical committees and research committees were started shortly after the establishment of the SICE and have been supporting the fundamental technologies of measurement and control in Japan. Some other are recently organized in an effort to surmount emerging technological challenges, meet societal demands and pioneer novel regions. Usually, new technical committees or research committees are set up at the proposal of individual technical divisions.

To support actions on new technical problems which are outside the fields of the present technical divisions or related to plural technical divisions, a cross-sectional committee named `Committee for Technical Collaboration and Incubation' is working. This committee organizes trans-division committees responding to the new field and promotes them in cooperation with related technical divisions.

As an achievement of these activities, a new technical division for life engineering will be launched in September. It is the first time ever since the technical division system was introduced in the SICE in 2000 that a technical division is newly created. The area of technologies covered by the SICE is expanding and deepening for years.

We will organize a special poster session in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the SICE establishment, which introduces you the expertise and activities of every technical division, technical committee, research committee and trans-division committee. The poster session will show you a comprehensive survey of the present activities and a prospect of the future developments of the technical divisions. Moreover, this event is aimed at sharing of technical problems to be addressed and facilitating interactions between the participants.

Attending Technical Divisions and Trans-division Committees:

Technical Division of Measurement
Technical Division of Control
Technical Division of Systems and Information
Technical Division of System Integration
Technical Division of Industrial Applications
Technical Division of Life Engineering (new division)
Committee for Technical Collaboration and Incubation
Trans-Technical Committee on Collaboration Development with JSAE

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