Memorial Session for Foundation of Technical Division for Life Engineering

  • 9/14, 13:20-17:30
    Venue: Room 63-201/202

    Memorial Session for Foundation of Technical Division for Life Engineering

Life Science and Engineering including biotechnology, medical engineering, health science and welfare engineering has remarkably developed from the latter half of 20th century. In the 21st century, life science and engineering is becoming the leading part of science and engineering and therefore, more and more SICE members engage research in this field.

The history of life science research is generally said to be the history of decomposing the macro level of organs, through cells, to the micro level of genes and proteins. Today a reverse approach from the micro to the macro levels is needed to further understand the life, i.e. an “Analysis By Synthesis” or shortly ABS. This ABS is the main methodology of SICE and thus, SICE has great potential to contribute to Life Science and Engineering.

Under these circumstances SICE decided to found a new technical division: Technical Division for Life Engineering. Research scopes of the new division include a broad spectrum from biosystems modeling to biomedical instrumentation and rehabilitation engineering. To pursue the scopes three technical committees are founded: Technical Committee for Integrative Biophysical Engineering and Informatics, Technical Committee for Electrophysiology and Kinesiology and Technical Committee for Ubiquitous Healthcare. In this session, the committees introduce their scopes and activities and some committee members present the state of art researches in respective fields.

Program : 9/14 13:20-17:30
Venue: Room 63-201/202

  1. 13:20-13:50    WeL01: Life Engineering - New Frontier of SICE
       Message from the President of SICE
           Masatoshi Ishikawa (President of SICE, The University of Tokyo)
       Aim and Scope of Life Engineering
         Masaki YOSHIDA (Osaka Electro-Communication University)

  2. 14:00-15:30    WeB01: Life Engineering I (Tutorial Session)
  3. 16:00-17:30    WeC01: Life Engineering II (Tutorial Session)



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