[TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Social simulation as Transdisciplinary research

  • [TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Social simulation as Transdisciplinary research
    Organizers: Co-chairs
    Keiki Takadama (The University of Electro-Communication, Japan)
    Takao Terano (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

Aim and description of joint OS

Social Simulation as Transdisciplinary Research (SSasTR) is a special joint organized session (OS) organized by both the Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology (TraFST) and the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE). In this OS, we aim at exploring social simulation from the viewpoint of transdisciplinary research and bringing researchers from different fields to discuss the same issue. For this purpose, SSasTR, in particular, focuses on both the ideas from computer science as a new technology to provide insights into social science communities and the ideas coming from social sciences as new metaphors to provide insights into computer science community. To promote SSasTR, the OS gathers mostly all well-known Japanese researchers, who have much contributed to encourage this interdisciplinary research area by addressing past, present and future issues on social simulation. We have 28 oral presentations in the OS, which widely cover the significant social simulation areas, which include game theory, market and finance, auction, social networks, social models (e.g., pedestrian and disaster models), agent architecture, and human-agent interaction design.

In addition to the 28 presentations, the OS also provides a panel discussion session on social simulation as transdisciplinary research not only for both computer and social scientists but also for agent and simulation researchers and practitioners. The goal of the panel is to assess the current state of the art in the agent-based simulation, identify where existing approaches can be successfully applied to, learn about new approaches, and explore future research challenges. These significant issues are discussed by Japanese famous researches including Takao Terano (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Kaoru Endo (Gakushuin University, Japan), Kazuo Furuta (The University of Tokyo, Japan), Toshizumi Ohta (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan), Ituki Noda (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan), Gaku Yamamoto (IBM Research – Tokyo, Japan) as the panelists, and Motohisa Funabashi (TraFST, Japan) as the moderator.

Session List:

WeA06: [TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Pedestrian and Disaster Model (9/14, 10:30-12:00)
WeB06: [TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Market and Finance (9/14, 14:00-15:30)
WeC06: [TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Social Model and Networks / Panel Discussion on Social Simulation as Transdisciplinary Research (9/14 16:00-19:00)
ThA06: [TraFST-SICE Joint OS] Game Theory and Auction / Human-Agent Interaction and Agent Architecture (9/15, 10:30-13:00)

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