SICE2011 Technical Tour

The technical tours will be organized on the third day of the conference (Thursday September 15th 2011). There will be two types of technical tours; Sumida Factory Tour and Waseda Laboratory Tour.

Tour Destinations

  • Sumida Factory Tour A & B
    There are two tours available. Each tour will visit three industrial production sites and public center for manufacturing industry. Sumida Ward is located between the Arakawa and Sumida rivers, and it houses a concentration of diverse manufacturing industries. We are going to organize two interactive guided factory tours at different industries.
  • Waseda Laboratory Tour
    You will visit each science-related campus: Nishi-waseda campus, Kikuicho campus and TWIns Institute. In Nishiwaseda, we will offer two different tours, one more focused on mechanical systems and the other one more on human-system interaction. There, you will be presented the latest fascinating technologies created in Waseda University: humanoid robots, artificial hearts, biomedical systems and much more.

Tour Date

Thursday, September 15th 2011


Tour from to note time
Sumida Factory Tour A Conference Site Sumida Ward Visiting sites:
- Isohata Industries
- Nisshin Spring
- Yoshizumi Press
+ Sumida Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
1:00PM - 4:20PM
Sumida Factory Tour B Conference Site Sumida Ward Visiting sites:
- Suzuki Mixed Metal Industries
- Hamano Products
- Santec Co. LTD.
+ Sumida Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
1:00PM - 4:20PM
Waseda Laboratory Tour Conference Site Waseda Campus Kikuicho campus

- Amano lab: Foundation Fieldbus Demonstration & Education Site
- Sugano lab: Twendy one
- Hashimoto lab: Daisha-Load Interface Carrier robot, Tactile and
haptic devices, autonomous indoor navigation
- Takanishi lab: Biped humanoid robot "WABIAN-2R" / Biped vehicle "WL-16RV"
Nishi-waseda campus
- Hayashi lab: ANSWER (Active Network System With Energy Resources)
- Miwa lab: Shadow media system
- Hayashi lab: ANSWER (Active Network System With Energy Resources)
- Iwamoto lab and Electrical engineering lab: TNS (Transient Network Simulator), Experimental installations for college students TWIns (The Tokyo Women's Medical University - Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences) - Fujie lab: Master-slave system
- Umezu lab: Another EBM: Engineering Based Medicine
- Takanishi lab: Flutist robot and Robot assisted medical ultrasound system, Cluster and WB

1:00PM - 5:30PM

* Return buses will stop at the Rihga royal hotel (banquet hall) and Nishi-waseda Campus.

Participation registration

Please fill in the registration via website. The maximum number of each tour is :
- Sumida Factory Tour A : 15
- Sumida Factory Tour B : 15
- Waseda Laboratory Tour: 100 (25 per a group) (* as of Sep 12)
The registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.


  • 3,000 JPY (for each tour)


  • Tour reservation deadline: 2011/08/20


SICE2011 would like to acknowledge Sumida Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, and Waseda University for their support and contribution to SICE2011 involving the Technical Tour.

Registration Contact Information

    (* Please replace "+at+" with "@" in the e-mail addresses which are modified for blocking spam or virus activity.)


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